26 August / Optimize
I’ve not been having the best of times at work these days. I feel like I spend my day majoring in minor tasks and doing little deep work. Add to that the fact that I live deep in the suburbs of Bangalore and my commute is around 3 hours a day, my frustration levels are, shall we say, not inconsiderable. I’ve spent a good amount of time in the last month and a half listening to audiobooks that I feel might kick me out of this rut and help me feel in better control of things.
16 March / Read
Warning - Spoilers abound If you know nothing about the book, stop reading this review now and go read the book instead. Paul Kalanithi’s poignant memoir has been on my reading list ever since I read a review of the book on NYTimes, then followed that to an article by him. For a day or two, I went down a rabbithole about his life and around his work and his family in that funny way that the internet does to you where one minute of idle research stretches into two hours of obsession.
12 February / Finance
Quite a bit has changed since I wrote the last post. After more than a decade, the government reintroduced long-term capital gains for equities and equity mutual funds. Does that change anything? Lets see  Are Equity Mutual Funds still worth it? To answer that, we need to look at two factors. What is the rate of return on Equity MFs vs other asset classes? What is the tax treatment on Equity MFs For the first, there’s a lot of articles such as this and this that show that Equities and Real Estate have been the asset classes that have outperformed over the last decade and longer.
22 January / Finance
Personal finance isn’t the most interesting topic to most people but it should be one of the most important ones. To anyone working a job in the private sector in India, your retirement corpus is more or less your responsibility, and that’s where an understanding of investments, asset classes, risk and return is important. There’s a few principles for building an investment corpus Diversification Risk Appetite Age Appropriateness Diversification is all about not putting ones eggs in one basket.