A Typical Week

There is no typical day.

There might be typical Sundays or typical Wednesdays, but given that the world measures work in weeks, the ebb and flow of life is along the same lines. A few lucky or unlucky people might have deterministic days, but for the rest of us, the best unit of planning is the week.

I’ve long since had the habit of planning my weeks out on Monday morning. I look through the events, meetings and deliverables for the week, and try to list out the must-dos, the good-to-dos and the wont-dos. Everything else is up for debate. I try to chalk the week out in a modified BuJo form that I find works best for me, and use every morning to tweak the laid-out list for the day.

Sometimes, I plan out the weekend, but I’ve learnt this is often an irksome habit for the people I love. They like a little more spontaniety, so I try and keep it light. Besides, the realities of life often throw most plans out of gear by mid-week.

I recently heard an episode of the Before Breakfast podcast that suggested planning the week on Fridays instead. The reasoning is sound. I know as much about the next work week on Friday as I would on the succeeding Monday. However, I’d know a whole lot more about the upcoming weekend on a Friday than the preceding Monday. That makes for a better planned weekend.

The beauty of this technique is that Friday afternoons are dead spaces in the work week for most people. Using that time to think through the next week is a great way of killing two birds with one stone.

Image Courtesy rawpixel.com at Pexels