07 June / Work
Everywhere, I see young developers looking to work on the newest technologies and paradigms. This is rarely more evident than in the Cloud, Web and Mobile domains, where the rate of change is extreme and frameworks and tools that were leaders three or four years ago have often fallen by the wayside. They chase the new new, and they do so with the zeal of evangelists. As an old(er) developer, I find the rate of change dizzying and impossible to stay on top of alongside all the other constraints that a busy work and family life brings.
13 May / Life
We’re in the midst of a complete lockdown in Karnataka, and my wife and daughter are at my in-laws, while I’m stuck home. This is the same situation we were in a year ago, and we’d then gotten into a routine where my daughter would call me close to her bedtime, and I’d tell her a story. When I was young, bedtime stories would mean retelling a famous story from the Panchatantra, or the Ramayana, or the Mahabharata.
29 October / Write
Three years (to the day!) after the last NanoWrimo post, here’s another. That year, like many others, I stopped after about 4000 words, and the book lay unwritten. I’m attempting to write the same book again this time, as I felt the concept was good and would be a good candidate for a sprint like this. So what makes me think I’ll do any better this year? This year has been an odd one, even discounting the externalities, but I’ve managed to progress a number of my bucket list items.
02 August / Life
A quest for adequacy, or the slow natural death of obsessions. I saw a Penny Arcade comic recently that spoke to me. This is who I used to be as well. Obsessive about minute details around my phone or my computer, looking to optimize value for money for any new purchase, tuning the device all the time. These days, I feel most computers and phones are more than adequate for my needs, and the best configuration is one that maintains itself.