25 December / Life
My daughter made a bird feeder out of a cut plastic juice bottle. It lies horizontal, placed like one of those ships in a bottle. She cut a cavity in its midsection while leaving the structure intact. Lying on its side, it allows for a couple of birds to feed from it at once, one on each side. She taped the cut edges with soft tape so there’s nothing that could cut a bird.
14 December / Life
I’ve been listening to David Goggins' memoir Can’t Hurt Me. Part a retelling of his life from early childhood to his adulthood covering the difficulties he faced at every juncture, and part self-help ooh-rah manual, the book is an intense read, and the audiobook is a very well-done adaptation. While I’d recommend that you read it if you haven’t, this article focusses on a couple of techniques he lays out that will allow any person to boost their performance across a wide variety of activities.
31 July / Work
There’s a trend and belief in the FIRE world that the purpose of work is to earn enough to be able to quit and then focus on doing the things you love. Inherent in this belief is the assumption that work is unfulfilling, unlovable and a drudge. I’ve been in investment banking IT for over two decades now. This is a result of my first job being in a bank, and the rest following the same path.
19 July / Work
After 13 years and change, I’ve moved jobs. Same sector and domain, same city, but slightly different sub-domain. Today is when I start. I’m not sure how to feel about it. On one hand, I’m losing my relationships, credibility and all the credit I have banked in with my previous firm. I knew the culture and how to work within it. On the other hand, the new job means starting off with a clean slate and a nice steep learning curve for the first year or two.