26 May / Work
I love watching NBA games. Of the teams I've watched, I like the style of play the Golden State Warriors have perfected. Lots of ball movement, very little isolation play, an assist-heavy scoreline and two of the best shooters ever. If you know nothing about them, there are a few facts that can help inform this conversation They are a superteam. Their entire starting lineup for parts of this season consisted of All-Stars, something that has never occurred before They have 3 of the last four championships and are in the finals of this one The literature around superteams and star-studded teams is unequivocal.
18 May / Finance
When we look at the Indian stock market today: It is the most expensive emerging market on a price-to-earnings ratio. It's been in the top two for a while now It has been significantly underperforming the broader emerging market index in 2019 Volatility has risen significantly in the last 3 months even as the market has been range-bound When we look at everything occurring in the world right now, I can only think of how many ways things can go wrong for markets in India and make a mockery of this valuation.
12 May / Optimize / Life
We'd vacationed in Coorg at the beginning of the month. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the beautiful Kwality Estate, a working coffee plantation. The plantation is large, varied, well planned and incredibly beautiful. The pictures in the AirBnb link do not do it justice; you have to be on site to feel its impact. The estate even has its own stream and mini-waterfall! We will return to stay someday; ideally in a large group.
27 April / Optimize
If you've read my previous entry on this topic, you'll know I'm a big fan of habits. Charles Duhigg's book offered a lot of background and detail on why habits worked, but more than once, I was found wishing that he had more practical advice in his book. I came upon James Clear's Atomic Habits tearing up the non-fiction charts and my interest was piqued. I loved the book so much that I've picked up the audiobook version as well.