NanoWrimo 2020

Three years (to the day!) after the last NanoWrimo post, here’s another. That year, like many others, I stopped after about 4000 words, and the book lay unwritten. I’m attempting to write the same book again this time, as I felt the concept was good and would be a good candidate for a sprint like this.

So what makes me think I’ll do any better this year? This year has been an odd one, even discounting the externalities, but I’ve managed to progress a number of my bucket list items.

  • Studying again. Thanks Coursera!
  • Writing a children’s novel. It served as a source of bedtime stories for a month for my daughter
  • Creating and publishing a game. I am quite pleased with how it turned out, and it gives me impetus to continue building more complicated games

All in all, I’ve managed to pursue some of my long-term creative interests to completion this year. Completing a Nanowrimo succesfully would be a whole lot harder than any of these as it requires a high degree of commitment across an entire month, but it’s not an unreachable, naïve goal.

Image CourtesyHeorhii Heorhiichuk at Pexels