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29 October 2020 / / Write
Three years (to the day!) after the last NanoWrimo post, here’s another. That year, like many others, I stopped after about 4000 words, and the book lay unwritten. I’m attempting to write the same book again this time, as I felt the concept was good and would be a good candidate for a sprint like this. So what makes me think I’ll do any better this year? This year has been an odd one, even discounting the externalities, but I’ve managed to progress a number of my bucket list items.
09 July 2020 / / Write
I’ve always wanted to write a novel. I’ve tried doing so a few times. Usually, I get a few pages in, then peter out. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but I have no idea how to take one from concept to creation. To get past that, I’ve taken part in a few Nanowrimos. That takes me a little further - a few chapters rather than a few pages. I’ve never gone beyond that though.
29 October 2017 / / Write
NanoWrimo. A ritual of self-inflicted pain masquerading as an exercise in self-actualization. The premise is simple - people sign up to write a novel in a single month. 30 days, 50,000 words. All it takes is one outing for most people to know that the novel they have in them is best left where it is. That lesson hasn’t stuck with me. Every November, I sign up for Nano. Most years, my enthusiasm lasts a few days.