Goal Setting

Resolutions are too large and grand. Habits are very granular and lead you in a general direction. Short-term goals form a nice meeting place between the two.

I’ve been following a monthly schedule for my goal-setting. It offers enough time to do something substantial, while also allowing for quick wins or course corrections. In doing so, I’m seeking a balance of things to focus on for a given month.

I’ve broken my goals into four categories

  • Health
  • Work
  • Family
  • Hobbies

Between them, I’ve been able to shoehorn each of my resolutions. With trial and error, I’ve realized what works best for me is to have a simple template that tracks up to 3 items on each of these categories on a monthly basis.

I created a cut of it on Canva that I’ve attached below to give you a starting point for what might work for you Monthly Goals